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At Titan, we understand that no two of our commercial accounts are the same. We customize all of our commercial services to specifically suit your needs and base our pricing on the services that fit your account. Our commercial account specialists are well versed in a variety of control methods and are among the most knowledgeable in the industry.


Some of the services that we offer for commercial facilities are as follows:


Vermiguard© :

Helps to reduce overall population of mice and rats around your business. By strategically placing rodent bait stations around your business, rodents will feed and the rodenticide will attain effectiveness within 7-10 days. A properly maintained baiting program we help reduce the overall population of rodent activity in close proximity to your business. The rodent stations are locked, tamper resistant and are mounted to cement anchors. The program includes placement of stations, and monthly/every other month inspection and filling of rodent stations. Can be used in tandem with a Rodent Exclusion program for best results. The warranty terms from our wildlife exclusion services are extended indefinitely while enrolled in Vermiguard©.


Vermiguard© program is intended for the reduction of the overall numbers of mice or rats around your business. As this does not eliminate entry points, we at Titan still recommend a Rodent exclusion (details below) to prevent access into your building.


Wildlife Exclusion:

Titan physically seals your building against all forms of wildlife to include: Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Raccoons and Opossums. Nuisance birds and Bat exclusions are also available. Mice only need a hole of  1 / 4" and rats of 1 / 2" to invade your building. After sealing any new rodents out, we then trap and remove any remaining rodents within the building. All exclusion work comes with a one year warranty that includes sealing any holes rodents make after your exclusion is performed. The warranty terms from our wildlife exclusion services are extended indefinitely while enrolled in Vermiguard©. As all businesses are different, pricing is based on work required. Call us to schedule a free assessment.


Interior Multi-catch stations: 

By placing multi-catch stations along the interior walls and regularly inspecting and maintaining these stations, we can help capture rodent traffic through stores & warehouses.


Interior baiting of food areas:

Strategic preventive application of insecticide baits for roaches, ants, and stored product pests in key areas to prevent pests from gaining a foothold and stopping the problem before it even starts.


Interior treatment of common areas:

With safety being our top priority, we take a conservative approach in treating areas of customer and employee presence, to help repel the invading pests from entering your establishment.


Small Fly reduction programs:

By treating floor drains with a biological foam cleanser and breaking down drain residue, we can treat the areas in which these drain flies breed and feed. Biological mop soaps and aerosol foaming are also available for purchase and delivery.


Insect Light Traps (Fly-lights):

Once purchased, we at Titan monitor and maintain the fly lights in your establishment. We can supply and maintain multiple styles of lights. Some light models have sleek and modern designs to appear as decoration around areas of customer traffic, whereas more industrial lights can be installed in back of house operations. These fly lights are a time tested and proven effective means for trapping nuisance flies from harassing your customers and employees, and create a more sanitary environment.


General Perimeter Treatment:

Our specialists are well trained in creating efficient barriers that repel most every invasive general pest in the Texas area. We keep the pests where they belong, away from your business.


Reduced impact IPM programs for local, state and federally inspected facilities


Food Service:

Your reputation is important. With food products coming and going all day, the lure for pests to occupy your facility are higher than almost any other business. We are able to tailor a program to fit your needs from food trucks to cafeterias, restaurants and everything in between. A well integrated program for restaurants would include a treatment of the perimeter, flylights placed in inconspicuous areas, interior baiting of food areas and monitoring with treatment as-needed for the common areas.


Warehouses/General goods:

With goods coming and going all day long, and large bay-doors open at all hours, warehouses are very prone to rodent and insect activity. An integrated warehouse program would include a treatment of the perimeter, interior treatment of the office space, strategically placed rodent bait stations along the perimeter, and multi-catch traps placed along the interior wall on each side of the bay doors.


Food Processing Warehouses (to include AIB inspected facilities):

Food handling facilities are some of the most likely places for stored product pests to be a huge nuisance. We treat the safety of your employees and visitors with the utmost importance. We have experience in planning and maintaining federally inspected and AIB inspected facilities. Due to the exacting nature of these inspections and the importance of a sound IPM program in the overall grade, service and documentation you can trust is essential.


Hospitality and Apartments:

The hospitality industry is unique in that most issues that are encountered are brought in by guests or tenants. This typically happens during the busiest seasons where having no pests is critical. While the needs and wants of each hospitality account varies, our services for hotels and apartments begin with an online pest sighting log. This allows us to respond rapidly to address current issues and identify trends to take preemptive measures before they get out of hand. 


Health Care:

With health care facilities, we employ a reduced impact approach to pest management practices to ensure a safe, pest-free environment for your patients and staff. This includes but is not limited to: a combination of monitoring, bait applications, treatment of facility grounds, and documentation of activity to identify trends and address them before they become a problem. We are well versed in the requirements faced by health care facilities for accreditation and are experienced in ensuring that we provide a quality IPM program that meets or exceeds Joint Commission standards. 

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