Residential Service Programs


General Pest Prevention Program

(Every other month treatment program)

We treat the home on an every other month basis to ensure consistent 

barrier strength that holds up to the Texas elements. 

Base Program

Immediate perimeter treatment, garage and weep hole treatment, interior spot treatments where activity is present.

Additional Option-Interior upgrade:

Inspection and spot treatment of interior where necessary, and preventive baiting of common harborage areas.

Additional Option-Exterior upgrade

Perimeter extension to full yard to control fire ant and flea reduction.  (Up to 1 / 4 acre lot.)

Our services are guaranteed and any resurgence in covered pests between services merit a 

no charge re-inspection/treatment, provided account is current and in good standing.


Termite Prevention and Solution Programs

Full Treatment

When active Termites are found, we treat the immediate perimeter of your home, creating a vertical barrier that extends beyond the soil, and treat the interior wall voids at the plumbing penetrations. .

Preventive Wrap:  

A less invasive and budget friendly solution for preventing termites. During the initial treatment we create a barrier and treat the areas most prone to termite activity. 

This option is only available once our inspection shows no current termite activity.

Termiguard © : 

Our optional localized treatment warranty program. The first year is included with all of our Termite treatments, and may be extended to cover any resurgence of Termite activity, this also includes an annual inspection. 

 Rates may lower when bundled with other Titan services. 


Rodent & Wildlife Prevention and Solution Programs

Wildlife Exclusion

Titan physically seals your home against rodents and wildlife. This includes: Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Raccoons and Opossums. Mice only need a hole of 1 / 4" and rats of 1 / 2" to invade your home or business. After sealing any new rodents out, we then trap and remove any remaining rodents within the building. All exclusion work comes with a one year warranty that includes sealing any holes rodents make after your exclusion is performed. Warranty is renewable and can be bundled with your other Titan services. As all homes are different, pricing is based on work required. Call to schedule an assessment.

Vermiguard ©

Helps to prevent reduce overall population of mice and rats around your home. By strategically placing rodent bait stations around your home, rodents will feed and the bait will attain effectiveness within 7-10 days. A properly maintained baiting program we help reduce the overall population of rodent activity in close proximity to your home. The rodent stations are locked, tamper-resistant stations and are bolted to weighted cement blocks. The program includes placement of stations, and monthly/every other month inspection and filling of rodent stations. This can be used in tandem with a Rodent Exclusion program for best results, and will extend your exclusion warranty as long as we continue to monitor your stations a minimum of quarterly.  As always, bundle your programs with Titan and save!

The Vermiguard © is intended for the reduction of the overall numbers of mice or rats around your home. As this does not eliminate entry points, we at Titan still recommend a Rodent exclusion to prevent access into your home.